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We are at an exciting time in the earth as Heaven seeks to find expression on the earth, we stand as sons of God and position to be envoys of the move of God where ever we find ourselves. Will you join us?

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday online for anointed times of Prayer, Prophetic Worship, the teaching of the word, prophecies and the move of the Lord.

Come and be changed by an encounter with God and be equipped to represent Him in any place He has called you to stand. You're are loved and valued. God bless you

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Title: Experiencing God Network Radio
Description: An Apostolic and Prophetic Platform
Genre: Talk
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This the Internet Radio for the Experiencing God Network which is a new wine Apostolic/Prophetic platform raised by God for the building and equipping of His Saint. We are based in Zaria, Nigeria.

With emphasis on the current speaking and move of God in the earth birthed with a desire to experience and carry out His mandate to see the Knowledge of His Glory cover the earth in every sphere of the Earth.

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Experiencing God Internet Radio

This is the Gate of Heaven